Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am now an advocate of Intelligent Design

From a letter to the Black Hills Pioneer:

Teach intelligent design

The atheists believe in unintelligent design. Darwin said, we came from a monkey or an ape. Some God believing people would like to have intelligent design taught in schools as well as evolution. If people came from an ape, how come they still don't come from an ape? Why did the ape stop evolving into people? The DNA from an ape is not the same as people.
I think they should teach Almighty God design as well as evolution. Maybe Darwin might be wrong and a wise and wonderful God did create all things. If a man had one eye and one half of a brain, he could see that we were wonderfully made. We are also made to be co-creators with God. Everything is made to reproduce (that didn't just happen).
The elephant didn't crawl out of the ocean or come from a bird or a fish. I am sure a horse didn't come from a monkey.
It takes more faith to believe in evolution then it does to believe that God created all things. I don't know why some people do not want intelligent design taught in our schools.
Some people want to take Christ out of Christmas and God out of government. If the atheist does not want to believe in God (I could care less). But why do they want to push their Godlessness on the American people who do believe in God?
Swan "The Swede" Loften,

How can any evolutionist can stand in the face of that logical tour de force? Mea culpa, Mr. Loften. Your superior rhetoric and vast empirical knowledge have swayed me.

(In case anybody's wondering, yes, I'm feeling very snarky at the moment. I had one of those days. Can't a guy use a little sarcasm to blow off some steam?)


Catherine said...

Ah yes. The phenomena known as "publicly critiquing and passionately disavowing a topic on which I believe I have grounds to speak, and yet, more objectively, am entirely ignorant."

I find this a lot. I was complaining about it just today. And yesterday. (Almost every day). The internet hasn't helped.

I'm all for diverse voices and viewpoints; I heartily agree that there is no theory or idea that could not use some healthy critique and balanced perspective.

But the rash of people, ignorant on the topics they are arrogantly critiquing, is...frustrating.

Dave said...

Indeed. This topic seems to be one that many many people seem to feel competent to expound upon, whether they know anything about it nor not.

Just to be clear (and I'm certainly not saying that you didn't know already know this or were implying otherwise), evolutionary theory has been critically analyzed and revised when necessary for more than 150 years.