Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sounds like a personal(ity) problem!

For some reason, I've been in the mood for personality tests lately (and by lately, I mean this afternoon), but, frustatingly enough, I keep getting conflicting results on Myers-Briggs-style tests. In the past hour, I've scored everything from an INFP (which has traditionally been the personality type I most match), to an INTJ, and, most recently, an ISFP. These seemingly contradictory results have left me with one question: just what the hell is wrong with me?

Part of my problem--and this is something I've noticed about myself in general, not just in the context of personality tests--is that I tend to place a high value on being rational, analytical, and logical, but naturally tend to be more passionate, emotional, and sentimental; this, I think, has led me to over-compensate on the tests in order to get the score I would prefer, rather than the score that's most accurate for me. Alas, I, like Popeye, simply "yam what I yam." If an INFP is what I am, I suppose I'll just have to learn to deal with it--athough I mustn't forget the always popular option of becoming a miserable, self-loathing whiner!

One other thing I've noticed is that I really hate questions that require binary, yes/no answers. I'm just much more comfortable with grey than I am with black or white, I guess. Hmm. . .I wonder what that says about my personality?


Catherine said...

Dave, I can tell you what your problem is - its that you are taking these tests over the internet in watered down versions, instead of taking the actual test in a real setting (I know you've done that before). MBTI has now come out with a Type II test which actually allows for grey. I have the same problem is the MBTI, I sometimes score an ENTJ and sometimes and INFJ. This is primarily because I believe I am, like you, both F and T, more of both than of anything else, yet in this test you are allowed to be either one or the other. But in the Type II test, this is not so. I tested as an INFJ, but also strongly T (difficult to explain briefly). I was very happy with this version of the test.

Catherine the Counselor

Catherine said...

Oh, about you not liking black and white - that surprised me a bit. You seem to lean pretty strongly to black and white quite a bit of time...don't believe me? Read a blog I found called "A History of Histrionics."....


Dave said...

Do you know if there is a full version of the Type II test that I can take (for free) over the internet?

As to your surprise at my hidden, subtle nature, well, this blog isn't a very good example of it for two reasons:

1. I tend to write the most about things that seem more cut and dry--i.e. Bush = bad, Primates = good--because it's easier and less time-consuming.

2. The blog-reading masses don't like subtlety; they want "in your face", no compromise bombast, and if I'm to keep up the huge traffic numbers that I've historically seen, I've got to give the people what they want. ;)

Actually, the real reason is that I just enjoy a good rant.

Catherine said...

LOL! Ok then. :)

Nope, you can't take the real thing for free. You have to find someone to conduct it, and pay the bucks. Actually, I'm certified to give it, but I don't have a connection to actually access the test, and even then you'd still have to pay me. :)

I'll explain it better when I see you...

Dave said...

Well geez, I'm interested in self-discovery and all that junk, but not if I have to actually pay for it!

Christy said...

Hi Dave,

We haven't met. I'm a Friend of Catherine's and certified to do the MBTI Step II. In fact, I've done Catherine's and Matthews.

FYI, The Step II is less than $40. Well worth it, I'd say.

Nice to meet you.


Dave said...

Hi Christy,
It's nice to meet you too. Well, I might just have to take the Step II. Am I correct in assuming that it's something that is administered in person (ie., not done on the internet)?