Thursday, January 11, 2007

An answer to Voltaire's prayer

Ah, Bill Dembski--thy megalomania knows no bounds:
If I ever became the president of a university (per impossibile), I would dissolve the biology department and divide the faculty with tenure that I couldn’t get rid of into two new departments: those who know engineering and how it applies to biological systems would be assigned to the new “Department of Biological Engineering”; the rest, and that includes the evolutionists, would be consigned to the new “Department of Nature Appreciation” (didn’t Darwin think of himself as a naturalist?).
[emphasis mine]

While this may seem like an extreme statement, it's pretty much par for Dembski's course. If I wanted to, I could easily sustain this blog with nothing but posts making fun of the ridiculous things that this man says and does on a regular basis( and I'd probably get more traffic, too!); be glad, oh my reader, that this is a course upon which I have chosen not to embark. Still, like Nelson from The Simpsons, I simply cannot resist the urge to, on occasion, point in Dembski's general direction and--with a shrill, prepubescent tone--yell:

(To those not in the know, William Dembksi--a theologian, mathematician, and creator of flatulent flash animations--is one of the leaders of the Intelligent Design movement. He has a website, Uncommon Descent, where he and his friends make asinine statements, and then ban or censor anybody with the temerity to disagree with them. It's great fun.)

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