Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Message to Hillary Clinton

Your would-be supporters are sick to death of Democrats who spend more time dissembling than governing; we've had our fill of so-called liberals whose knees shake at the mere thought of offending conservative sensibilities (Here's a hint: the people you're so loathe to offend won't voting for you anyway). More than anything, we despise your inability to take a stand on things that really matter.

If you truly fancy yourself to be presidential material, it might behoove you to GROW A DAMN SPINE. Now there's a novel idea.


Literacygirl said...

Can't she go away and ruin someone else's country, I mean, health care system?

What a flippa-la-flopper... keeping troop in til almost 2009, eh Rodham?

Catherine said...

Woah. What got your boxers in a bunch?

Dave said...

Click the link.