Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I've been Googled!

So I decided to install a Site Meter in order to find out if anybody I don't know in real life has ever seen this page. I was pleasantly surprised to note that the answer to my question is yes! Despite all predictions (by me, to myself), there actually have been a few people who aren't motivated out of pity for their silly blogging friend stop by this site.

In particular, I was interested to note that Thoughts from Some Other Guy popped up during an internet search (hence the subject line), prompting one of these unexpected visits. Take a look!
I guess technically I've been MSNed not Googled, but I believe that, unlike "To Google," the use of "To MSN" as a verb describing the act of searching the WWW is stilling pending acceptance by the Vernacular Lexicon of Internet-Speak.

I'm also happy to note that my comment on the use of the word "ass" as a pejorative-multiplier was what inadvertently found its way into the search. I guess that must mean it's my creative use of profanity that brings people in, but I have no doubt that my charmingly irresistible whit is what will keep them coming back for more!


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