Saturday, January 26, 2008

Campaign dispatch: Yes we can!

Today, I spent the afternoon with dozens of fellow Obama-supporters, calling prospective voters across the county in support of the Senator's campaign. Despite the often frustrating and difficult nature of political cold-calling, I had a wonderful time at the phonebank. There's something extremely rewarding about being part of group of people who are all passionate enough to sacrifice time and money in pursuit of a common goal. With purpose comes energy, and that energy was palpable today.

I met senior citizens excited to make the future better than the present and past they've known; I met a teenager who refused to let a minor thing (no pun intended) like being too young to vote keep him from doing everything he could to help his candidate (and you should have seen him--in one afternoon, this kid exhibited more dedication and professionalism than most of the professionals I've ever known!); I met people for whom words like "Hope" and "Unity" are not just sweet-sounding political aphorisms, but guideposts marking the path toward a new way of understanding our role as citizens of this country; I met them and joined with them, and it felt good.

In short, I'm proud of this campaign, and--no matter what the final outcome proves to be--I am grateful to have played a role in it, however small. Of course, it's a lot easier to say and feel all this when coming off of a big win--and, boy, was it ever a big win!--but, if nothing else, I think this afternoon's events will help inspire me to work harder in the days ahead.

But enough of me. Here are a few words from a certain Senator from Illinois:


Anonymous said...

So, tell me why should a conservative Christian who is a senior citizen vote for Obama? You know better than the average person who only hears the media's point of view.

Dave said...

Well, that depends on a couple of things. Are you voting in the Democratic primary? If so, what issues are important to you?

Anonymous said...

I'll vote in which primary my candidate represents.


Catherine said...

Asher says: Go Abama! (Mommy/Catherine says that too...)

Dave said...

Well, geez, if that's what Asher says, who am I to stand in the way of the wisdom of the next generation? ;)