Thursday, September 07, 2006

Asher and me

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting my new nephew. Here are a couple of photos from that momentous occasion:

Don't be confused by the peaceful facade. Beneath this adorable surface, lies a raging maelstrom of discontentment, which, when disturbed (and in this case, "to disturb" is synonymous with "to induce consciousness"), can only be appeased by massive amounts of breast milk. He's a cutie, though, and the word on the street is that he may be turning over a happier leaf.

Personally, I think it must the influence from his uncle that's responsible for Asher's change in demeanor. Let me be clear, though: my status as a positive role model will go no further. From here on out, I'll do nothing but teach him profanity, feed him candy before dinner, and give aid to all his efforts at mischief-making and rule-flouting. Kid, you are going to love me!


Catherine said...

Hooray for Doodly-Dave and Asher-Dasher! Candy before dinner?? Just as long as you don't teach him the tickle torture, or make him sign contracts committing him to do whatever you want...if you do, he'll probably get some Fischer Price binoculars and spy on you, or follow you around the house incessantly asking you to play with him...

Anonymous said...

Love those pictures!!!!

Dave said...

Thanks, anonymous!

Catherine -

Ahh, the joys of inside jokes!