Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ken Miller talk at KU

Recently, Kenneth Miller, a Cell Biologist and Intelligent Designer-debunker extraordinaire, gave a talk at Kansas University entitled "God, Darwin, and Design: Creationism’s Second Coming." He's an extremely smart guy, an engaging speaker, and, while I don't agree with everything he says (For instance, his proclivity to lay the blame for creationists' problems with evolution almost entirely at the feet of certain atheists tends to irk me. See here, here and especially here for a very interesting--and, in my opinion, somewhat overstated--three-part discussion related to this topic from PZ Myers), I think Miller is an important and powerful spokesman for science. The talk can be heard here. Jack Krebs of Kansas Citizens for Science also posted a summary of the talk at The Pandas Thumb.


Tara said...

Hey! Saw your comment over at Stranger Fruit; didn't realize you had a blog. Hope things are going well.

T (aka Roland)

Dave said...

Hey Tara! Things are going well, thanks. I trust things are going well for you too.
I must say, this is definitely the first time a "Science Blogger" has ventured out into my neck of the woods. How exciting! :)


ps. Speaking of Roland. . . I ended up reading the entire Dark Tower series a few months back, based mostly on the recommendations of people--including you--at IIDB. Definitely worth my time.

Tara said...

See, toldya it was good. Things for me are mostly good, just busy as you might imagine. I still lurk at II occasionally, but no time to get drawn into long debates, alas. Oh, and your nephew is a cutie. :)