Monday, September 18, 2006


Here are some photos from the wedding I recently attended in Rosarito, Mexico. Enjoy!

The beautiful bride:
The bride and groom (plus random children):

The Bridesmen: "Girly men? Who called us girly men? We'll kick your asses!"

More friends:

Alcohol-inspired randomness:
A good--and safe!--time was had by all. I, for one, couldn't have asked for more.


Catherine said...

That looks so fun, dave! How does it happen, though, that I just saw you, talk to you more days than not, and am your Very Best Sister and still didn't even know this Bridesman thing was happening???

Dave said...

Maybe if somebody would call me more often, she would have an easier time keeping apprised of my busy schedule!

Catherine said...


(BTW, this is the FIRST TIME I have EVER used that word!)